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Lane Splitting for Motorcycles

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To request your help to introduce and pass a law similar to California’s just-passed AB 51 legislation. This new law finally legalizes motorcycle ‘lane splitting’ in that state.

Lane splitting (also called ‘filtering’ or ‘lane sharing’) is when a motorcycle or scooter rider passes beside slowly moving or stopped traffic. This has always been widely done in California, and in every other country in the world. Now it’s been formally legalized there as it is everywhere else in the world, except for the rest of the United States.

Research shows that lane splitting is actually safer for riders than remaining in a congested lane. A summary of a recent study showing this (by the University of California) is attached. Lane splitting directly and indirectly benefits every road user. It is the normal, common-sense and well accepted congestion-reducing practice in all other countries. Multiple side benefits include reduced travel times and stronger law enforcement against irresponsible, illegal riding behaviors and loud exhaust noise.

Your legislative effort toward recognizing lane splitting here will make our state’s roads safer, and will reduce the traffic and congestion delays we all suffer. Public debate, followed by enacting a law like California’s, will change voter attitudes from “Hey, that motorcycle rider is taking cuts!” to “Great! That’s one less car in my way.” History shows that lane splitting (like all other forms of socially desirable, legally protected minority rights and accommodations) will, after a brief transitional period, become widely accepted and will be appreciated by the public.

A copy of the California legislation is attached and may also be found at

Additional information and resources about lane splitting is available at: or

Your support for this common-sense transportation legislation will be welcomed by thousands of your constituents, and will appreciated by everyone who shares our roads.

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