Ban Omar AKA Ratboy from Speakers corner and investigate his threats to behead someone

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A known Jihadist who is known to Hyde park police Omar aka Ratboy. Incites the beheading and leaving the severed head in speakers corner of another park user and is not arrested and banned. This individual is constantly on videos threatening other users stating this is our park, it belongs to us Muslims you have to get out of our park now!. This individual is an extremist who rallies other Muslim users of the park and beyond the park to target other individuals and incites violence against them. On 21/10.2018 videos were uploaded containing these threats and his hate crimes against others. He often insults the LGBTQ community spewing hatred. This park has to be returned to the safe space that it once was and stripped of its gangs who wish to dominate this historical place for their own gain. The individuals details are on file with the police following numerous incidents. I believe this person is growing more extreme as the weeks go bye. Perhaps Counter terrorism should be paying attention to this person.