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Show Jack Gangwish there are consequences for animal cruelty

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University of Nebraska football player Jack Gangwish beat to death a raccoon with a wrench because it wouldn’t pose for a “selfie”. Despite admitting to the event on social media, he has not been punished for his actions. The University of Nebraska must send a clear message they will not tolerate animal abuse, especially by those with the privilege of representing the school on the football field. Stand with us in calling for the immediate suspension of Jack Gangwish from the University of Nebraska football team.

On December 3rd, Jack Gangwish pulled over his car and attempted to grab a wild raccoon to take a picture with the frightened animal. When the raccoon bit Gangwish, the 6-2, 210-lb football player grabbed a wrench from his car and beat the animal to death. Gangwish says his horrific actions were out of fear of rabies. If he had such a fear, he would have never tried to grab the animal in the first place. The act was an inexcusable act of violence and there must be consequences.

Professional and college football programs have been in the spotlight for violent acts committed by players and the lack of repercussions. The University of Nebraska must demonstrate their program has learned from recent mistakes made by the NFL and other college organizations in not holding players accountable for their actions. As long as Gangwish continues to go unpunished and wear the Nebraska jersey, the University of Nebraska is sending a message to players and fans this type of violence is not taken serious.

The University of Nebraska needs to hear from all of us. Signing this petition will let them know we will hold their institution accountable until they punish Jack Gangwish for animal cruelty. Your signature will be one of many voices ensuring this is not swept under the rug. Please sign and share the petition today.

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