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NCAA Create a 16 team playoff based on wins and loses

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The past couple years we have seen the NCAA Football National Championship decided in a board room instead of on the field.  We have seen times where teams with similar records or even worse records than others are included in the "Playoff's" while others have been denied.  We currently have a system where schools from "lesser" conferences other than the Power 5 have no chance to capture a national  title.  We need to remove the human voting factor from the game.


We need to have the top teams from all the conferences plus a certain number of "Wildcards" compete in a 16 team playoff format.  These seeds needs to be determined by record and not voting.  


The argument in the past against this was that it would extended the season.  However, under the current format the season has already been extended by 2 weeks.  So why not extend it for two more weeks and have a true playoff scenario where all teams from all conferences have that chance to capture the top prize.  


This is the only way will every really have a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

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