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Shut down Congress until we know if our President has committed treason

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 My concern is for the very concept of democracy and the future of humanity.

We have to reverse the high jacking of our government by wealthy conservatives. The solution is to resist at every level. Be in daily contact with your representatives by social media, email, phone, fax and mail. Be at their town hall meetings, go to their offices back home and do not let up. If we give up we will be derelict in our duties to all who come after. Win or lose we have been mobilized and cannot be stopped.

 My wife and I are not worried for ourselves, we are am white, retired and comfortable. I am embarrassed to say that I've never been involved in my government before. Last year I headed up the local Hillary group and after the election helped out at Standing Rock in November. Then I joined Indivisible and the ACLU. Other than my mental and emotional wellbeing, I'll probably be fine whatever happens.

It is unacceptable that Congress continues to conduct business as usual; voting on legislation, and considering Trumps appointees when it is all tainted by his words and actions during and after the elections. Let us demand that our representatives stop work on all other matters as they did so well in the last year of President Obama’s administration until this matter is sorted out.




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