Ms Gladys Liu to answer the Australian people with honesty.

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Dear Australians,

We are a group of Chinese Australians that stands with the people of Hong Kong and their fight for democracy and human rights.

Since June 2019, the Chinese Australians community has written to the Office of Gladys Liu MP on several occasions, requesting her support and position statement standing against the Hong Kong extradition bill, which allows the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to extradite anyone from Hong Kong back to China to face trials and prosecutions.

To date, we have not received any supportive response from the Office of Gladys Liu MP, nor have we met her in any of our demonstrations or organised events.

We, as part of the Chinese Australians community, would like to express our serious concern about Gladys Liu’s connections with various community and commercial organisations that appear to have close connections with the Chinese Communist Party Regime and its United Front Work. Therefore, we would like to unite our voice to express the following:

  1. We have migrated to Australia with a hope to be part of our Australian diverse and inclusive society. However, we are greatly disappointed by our Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison, for his recent comments and playing a “race card” and to hide behind the name of our Chinese-Australian community, in order to avoid explaining how he and his party have ignored the advice from our national security agency regarding Gladys Liu and her affiliations with the Chinese Communist Party Regime and its United Front Work.
  2. We are aware of the nature and functionality of the China Overseas Exchange Association, the World Trade United Foundation and the United Chinese Commerce Association of Australia, and we are of a view that Gladys Liu has to answer questions that were/will be put before her by the Australian people and their elected representatives.
  3. We are dismayed by the ways that our Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison, relating Gladys Liu to the larger Chinese Australians communities.
  4. We are of a position to support our national security agency to conduct a thorough investigation of Ms Gladys Liu, her campaign team, and her affiliations with various community and commercial organisations.

Many Chinese-Australians would like to participate in Australian politics and serve this country with great honour, pride and care. We are of a belief that our elected representative must always serve the best interest of the Australian people, and we reject any foreign interferences to divide us and influence Australian politics.