Motorcycles use of shoulders during traffic jams in MN

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Dear Minnesota law makers,

We the people of the great state of Minnesota are requesting the permit for motorcycles to use the shoulder during heavy traffic, back ups, and rush hours.

Thousands of motorcyclists are being killed on the road by getting rear ended by distracted drivers during heavy traffic back ups. We need YOUR HELP to minimize the number of deaths on Minnesota roads by accepting this petition and consider adding a law that satisfies the body.

Here are some but not all reasons to consider the new law:

  • Motorcycles rely on air to cool down the engine; over heated engines will cause the machine to stall and increase traffic problems and decrease safety.
  • Motorcycles DO NOT have bumper guards like automobiles. Any rear end collision will cause sever injury or death.
  • Allowing motorcycles to use the shoulder ONLY during severe traffic jams with limited speed up to 20 miles per hour.
  • Motorcycles are to reengage in traffic when flowing using safety and precautions.
  • This will decrease the number of deaths on Minnesota roads.

Some states such as California allows motorcycles to split lanes to escape the danger of rear end collision. We found that lane splitting is not the safest idea and found the shoulder is the safest route to avoid getting hit.

Metro Transit and other public bus services are allowed to drive on the shoulder to "stay on time". We ask for it to "STAY ALIVE".

We believe in our considerate MN law makers when it comes to safety, so please consider this as a LAW.

We the people of Minnesota are thankful for your time to review our request to keep Motorcyclists safe. We believe that the safety of motorcyclists is NOT on the bottom of your list.

We believe YOU can save lives! SAVE US!

Citizens of Minnesota