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Mark Dayton and the Congress of Minnesota: Pass Fair Marijuana Legistlation

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The use of marijuana medicinally has been supported by over 60% of Minnesotans, and in 2009, it passed both House and Senate but was vetoed for personal reasons by then governor Tim Pawlenty (R). Current governor Mark Dayton (DFL) states that he would not approve of marijuana legislation, though this would go against the people of whom he is supposed to represent. Hopefully with enough support, Minnesotans can be the next state to approve of either medical marijuana (in which it is very much needed) or the total decriminalization of it. It would be a great revenue for the state of Minnesota, and it will benefit Minnesotans in a multitude of ways. Hopefully, if this petition is successful, current governor Mark Dayton (DFL) can look beyond his own bias views, and do his job, in which is to represent the people of Minnesota. There are far too many innocent people in prison who can no longer provide for their families over old and outdated laws. It is literally hurting the people of Minnesota, and causing Minnesota to slip further into debt.

In 2011, I spoke with Tom Rukavina (DFL) about passing more marijuana legislation. Tom was the person who proposed the bill in 2009 (which once again was publically supported and passed the House and Senate). He told me that there wasn't the support that was needed to get another bill passed. Shortly after, Tom announced that he would no longer run for his seat. Since then, public support has only risen, and support from the Republican party has increased dramatically.

If this petition is successful, I personally (out of my own dollar and budget), will be traveling to St. Paul, Minnesota to talk with state legislators, and will be sending a hard copy of the petition to current governor Mark Dayton (DFL).

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