ALL Michaels Craft Stores in US and Canada to be closed during COVID-19 pandemic

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Michaels Employee's are asking the public to help us close Michael's Stores across the US and Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the beginning Michaels has little to no plans of addressing the COVID-19 outbreak aside from posting a 'proper hand washing' poster, and a commitment to monitor the situation, with little to no follow up action. Michaels employee's are at risk of infection as Michaels continues to operate as normal (March 17, 2020) and reduced hours (March 18). Employees hours are cut without their permission with little or no acknowledgement or prior warning. Head office HAS NOT PROVIDED ADDITIONAL approved and effective cleaning supplies and hand sanitizing stations putting the general public and employees at risk. Employee's are told to clean high traffic areas, carts, door handles, and, washrooms, jeopardizing the health of the employee and their families. 

On March 17, Mark Cosby, CEO addressed customers regarding some activities are cancelled while some events such as private events and community classes still remain operational unless Teachers and Birthday Party Hosts choose to cancel. Michaels continues to promote sales and promotions as other retailers are now closing doors. Michaels has not addressed employees on compensation and HR is being uncooperative and dismissing all concerns. Office workers are allowed to work from home while stores are still being forced to open. Michaels continues to ignore, block, or delete all/most public comments regarding closure on social media.

We are asking the communities across US and Canada to sign this petition to protect the health of Michaels employees, most which are paid on an hourly basis. If Michaels cares about the community they are to close all store immediately during this Pandemic.