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City of Surprise, Arizona: Do NOT support elephant abuse!

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On December 3rd, 2016, the City of Surprise in Arizona will hold their annual Surprise Party. Much to our dismay, we have learned that they intend to feature abused elephants provided by the company Have Trunk Will Travel as part of their event line-up.

A video taken by Animal Defenders International reveals the blatant animal abuse that Have Trunk Will Travel imposes upon the elephants in its service. To watch the horrifying video, please click here. We warn you that sensitive viewers may want to avoid watching this video, which reveals the beating and hooking of elephants with a bullhook. The bullhook is an instrument that elephants are threatened and beaten with from a young age. It consists of a long pole tipped with a sharp metal hook.

In the video, Have Trunk Will Travel "elephant trainers" are seen repeatedly using the bullhook in a manner consistent with causing pain to elephants in order to force them to obey commands. The use of the bullhook has been deemed to be so cruel that the states of California and Rhode Island have joined cities and countries around the world in banning their use.

The elephants that would be used in the City of Surprise for their event have been subjected to numerous beatings in the name of their "training." Wild animals like elephants do not learn unnatural tricks through positive reinforcement techniques, as a dog would in response to a cookie. Baby elephants are separated from their mothers, tied down, beaten, left in dark rooms, denied adequate food and water, and are continually provoked through injurious means into doing tricks. 

Please, help us to encourage the City of Surprise to immediately sever ties with Have Trunk Will Travel. And to replace the use of abused elephants with a kinder, more compassionate program during their holiday event.

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