#PracticalSkills4Kids Give children opportunity to learn basic practical life skills again

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“The mental health of thousands of children and young people is reaching crisis point. Teenagers especially are turning to self-harm or suicide in increasing numbers. But the true scale of the crisis is unknown with so many who show signs of going through trauma unnoticed.”
Courtesy The Children’s Society 2018

Why is this happening ?

Corporations and the Education system appear overly focused in supporting academic supremacy and as a result we are failing to give alternative skills to the children who are not destined for outstanding academic success. These children are perhaps the children who are now stumbling in life and creating the sad trend identified above. 

What can we do?

The NHS does not have the social reach or money to address this problem. Theresa May has identified that she feels Social Enterprises are the most likely solution to such Social Problems.

How can Mark Carney help?

Mr Carney please encourage the City Investment Funds to actively seek out & support Social Enterprises like ours ( www.scottysretroworkshop.co.uk ) because we are the people with the motivation, drive and skills to fix Social Problems like the above. 

Please sign and see if we can get The City to connect and support our good intentions. Our IM is done & our SEIS is happening. We are ready for them to work their magic and join our Battle.

Many thanks - Scotty