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Approve a 'necessary' PETscan for Jack Heckman

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Jack has Stage IV colorectal cancer that may not be curable, but at this time is quite treatable and manageable.  The PETscan is needed to see where the disease still may or may not be in order to get lifesaving treatment.  We don't know when a cure could come--it may be just around the corner.  Why let insurance companies just sweep him under the rug because THEY don't think a certain test is necessary?  If his doctor thinks it is, then it SHOULD be approved!!  MedSolutions webpage states that their goal is to "eliminate unnecessary procedures and improve outcomes and quality of life".  But it's these scans that actually improve outcomes and quality of life--not the elimination of them!!  Insurance companies are only out to save themselves money.  (and probably stuff the pockets of the CEOs)  But he pays the premiums and he should get the tests HIS DOCTOR says are necessary!

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