Keep Casita Maria and Casita Jose Open

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To Whom It May Concern,

We are the parents, family and friends of the children of Casita Maria Daycare. We are writing you today to express our concern, frustration and disappointment about the decision to close the Casita Maria and Jose Daycare centers. For many of us, our children have been attending Casita Maria since our return to work, for others; our children have graduated from the program. Some of us have worked for Tenet for many years; others have decided to join the Tenet community because of this program. We are asking you to reconsider your decision to close the facility.

As healthcare providers, many of us are in a unique situation requiring longer than normal childcare hours and the ability to drop our children prior to our shifts. The ease of dropping off our children at Casita Maria prior to work and having excellent, reliable childcare on hand has allowed us to be fully dedicated to our work day, including arriving on time and not worrying about the care our children receive. This allows us to be the best practitioners, and to care for our patients with the highest level of focus and skill.

In your letter you mentioned that other hospital programs in the area do not offer childcare, and therefore you did not believe that it was a necessary benefit. We ask that you reconsider your stance, as the onsite childcare that has been offered allows for more quality candidates to consider working for our system. When employees are not preoccupied with where and how their children are being cared for, we are much more able to provide quality care for the patients in our care.

While we appreciate your extension of the closing date until August 3rd, we still implore you to reconsider closing Casita Maria. With the lists provided by Tenet, we have searched far and wide for comparable care that our children receive at Casita Maria and have come up empty handed. At Casita, our children are cared for and educated by the best in the area, allowing our children to be taught with love and compassion, as though they were being watched by family. The children that graduate from Casita are ahead of the curve, and they are more than ready to start kindergarten and test ahead of their peers.  For some of us, finding placement in infant classrooms has been nearly impossible as we are competing against spots of children that haven’t been born yet, and for older children, enrollment in summer camps and preschool fills up nearly a year in advance.

We know that you want what’s best for the customers here at St. Mary’s Hospital and our clinics. Tenet’s mission is to best serve our communities, and that includes our families. Without the option for affordable, quality childcare, many of us will have to choose between our jobs and caring for our families. We ask you to reconsider your decision, and look forward to constructive talks about preserving the program.




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