Deliver our mail South African Post Office !!!!

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The Johannesburg International Mail Exchange JIMC, has all but completely collapsed, In coming letters and parcels are taking up to 16 weeks to be delivered. It's unacceptable that a package gets held in JIMC for more than 1 week for processing.

The SAPO since Nov 2017 has been charging a handling fee for process incoming packages yet we are still waiting more than 3 months for delivery. These raised fees should be pushed back into the the processing of these packages. More staff should be hired to sort and scan at the JIMC, the handling fee can be used to fund this. Staff should be tasked as part of their KPI to have scanned a certain number of packaged a day, failure to complete this is a failure on their KPI which leads to disciplinary procedures. Working with a system like this makes it very predictable how man packages would be processed a day, Incentivize the staff, structure bonuses based on total work completed above their KPI.

SAPO claimed the number of incoming international mail had increased 400%, millions of packages still sitting at JIMC, this is untapped revenue and the quicker they are delivered and sooner this revenue stream is tapped.

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