Stop AOPA Lobby Against Flight-Sharing In The USA

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As a member of AOPA and supporter of General Aviation, we find AOPA opposition to the Aviation Empowerment Act appalling, as it is undeniably pro-General Aviation.  Among other things, it: 

    •  Decreases the cost of aircraft ownership.

    •  Promotes safety by allowing pilots to keep their skills current.

    •  Stimulates economies at regional airports and FBOs.

    •  Brings the U.S. in line with the European Aviation Safety Agency, who embraced flight sharing years ago. 

By opposing the Aviation Empowerment Act, and instead, suggesting the language of Section 516. Pilots Sharing Flight Expenses with Passengers of HR 4, AOPA is giving more power to the FAA to limit pilot freedom and delaying the advancement by requesting a report when flight sharing is already thriving in Europe.

I support online flight sharing and the revised Aviation Empowerment Act, and AOPA should do the same.