Time off learners permit for time on a driving simulator

Time off learners permit for time on a driving simulator

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Tasman Osborne
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               Time off learners permits for time on a driving simulator.

 Imagine if there was a way to avoid the danger and high stress of learning to drive, but still, learn in the process. This is now possible with Driving Simulators.

"The simulator training provides learners motorists with the opportunity to practise defensive driving or riding in a safe and controlled environment," The police say.

 When the compulsory simulation training was announced on Saturday, Dec 7 2019, the police said it would give the learner motorists a safe and controlled environment in which to practise driving or riding. This would help them better prepare for various road situations, in inculcating good driving habits.

 "We hope that the simulator will better prepare our learner motorists to react when they encounter dangers or risky situations on the road.

These are statements from the Singapore Police.

The benefits of a driving simulator. There are fewer stressors in a controlled environment, so the learners would be able to focus single a mistake and how it happened. Which can help them avoid a repeat in real-life situations. With the help of a qualified driving instructor.

Some learners may not have access to a car or somebody to help them. The simulator could give them time off their learners permit. Simulated driving also helps overcome the anxiety fo being in control of a motor vehicle.

What we are asking for is a maximum of 5 hours on the simulator.

1 hour in the simulator could account for 2 hours off learners permit hours requirements.

The simulated training must be spent with a qualified Queensland Transport Department Driving Instructor.

As Singapore has made simulator driving lessons compulsory for all new drivers. I fell this is the way of the future.

Please give this proposal careful considerations, initial learning on a simulator will help the learner drivers understand road rules and road safety.  Leaning in a safe environment will lead to safer driving outcomes and access for all leatner drivers.