Please fix the intersection between South Pine and Eatons Crossing Roads before someone is killed

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The intersection between Eatons Crossing and South Pine Roads is very busy (particularly during peak traffic periods). The road is the main route between Samford, Strathpine and the northern suburbs.  Eatons Hill State School is located at this intersection with an Emergency Services centre.  Access to the Eatons Hill State School's Outside Hours Care Centre, the Fire Brigade and Ambulance is via Apex Grove (a small lane off Eatons Crossing Road).  The turn into Apex Grove is only around 200-250 metres past the intersection.  If turning into Eatons Crossing Road from the northern direction (i.e. Brendale) you get a green arrow to turn into the right lane of Eatons Crossing Road while the traffic coming from the southern direction (i.e. Albany Creek) can turn freely into Eatons Crossing Road in the left lane.  Therefore, when you want to turn into Apex Grove from the northern direction, the traffic behind you in the right lane doesn't want to stop as they are trying to get through the traffic light on their green arrow, while the cars turning into Eatons Crossing Road refuse to let you over.  Unfortunately, u-turns are not permitted at the next intersection (leading into Bunya Park Drive) so there is no safe option for those traveling from the northern direction.  I have experienced many near misses, road rage abuse and tailgating when turning into Apex Grove, even when displaying my indicator well before the turn.  It is only a matter of time before this intersection claims lives.  When exiting from Apex Grove during peak hour, it is common for parents, staff, emergency services vehicles (tending to non-emergencies) to wait ten minutes or more to exit the street. 

Please conduct a road safety assessment urgently on this intersection.