Change the name of the “Milwaukee Brewers” to the “Milwaukee Grubers”.

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As of January 22, 2019 the Milwaukee Brewers organization and MillerCoors have announced that American Family Insurance will become the naming rights sponsor starting in 2021. This means that the park will become named some iteration of American Family Insurance and Miller Park will cease to exist.

Fine. Maybe it’s time to accept that Milwaukee is no longer “Brew City”. MillerCoors is based in Chicago, which is now the brewery capital of the U.S. Their parent company, Molson Coors, has its headquarters in Denver. Blatz and Schlitz are owned by Pabst, which is owned by a holding company and based in L.A. The truth hurts.

With Miller losing the naming rights of the stadium and Milwaukee’s status as a premier brewing city long relegated to the annals of history, it’s time for a complete rebranding. It’s time to rename the team.

Luckily, there is one thing that Milwaukee has more of than any other city, in not only the country, but the entire world. We have more Gruber than anybody.

Official Statement

We need to show team owner Mark Attanasio that the names "Miller Park" and “Milwaukee Brewers” were a perfect marriage for a time, but that time has passed. To coincide with the renaming of the stadium, we must also adopt a team name that is befitting of today’s Milwaukee, the Gruber capital of the world. 

Sign the petition to make the name of the Milwaukee MLB franchise the most accurate and fittingly named team in all of sports!

American Family Insurance Stadium, The New Home of Your Milwaukee Grubers

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