Serious need of a long awaited bridge between Madh Island & Versova

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Serious need of a long awaited bridge between Madh Island & Versova

For the last 100 years people residing at MADH ISLAND have been deprived of basic facilities despite of being a part of the financial capital.

People are forced to risk their lives every day and travel through the present mode of transportation i.e. the Madh-Versova boat service (as unorganised as it can be).

An estimate of sixteen thousand commuters per day use this terrible mode of transport. There are no proper schools, colleges and even hospitals on Madh island. During the monsoon, children have to walk through ankle-deep muck. It is very difficult during medical emergencies and sometimes, the ferry is closed for a couple of hours during high tide. We need a bridge at such times.

During the monsoon as there is no port facilities on the Versova Side, which make the situation dangerous during high tides. other than this During rainfall, many of the time the boat service stops for a few hours. Locals also face a lot of problems during high tides.

THE BRIDGE IS A MUST to save time, money, natural resources and above all HUMAN LIVES.

I would urge the general public to kindly get involved in large numbers to sign off this petition so that the same can be presented to the concerned authorities.  We are not against the Ferry Boat Service but we are very much concerned about our travel time, inconveniences & hardship faced, risks to life, easy access to Medical & Educational facilities.