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Dog chained to top of cage while driving on I-95

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Recently a video was posted on Facebook of a man driving down I-95 in Flagler County, Florida with a dog chained to the top of a cage. As you can see in the video the dog was scared and in danger. If this car had been in an accident this dog could have been strangled or crushed to death or even worse suffered in agony till they ended his life. 

I have been recently updated that the dogs owner has been fined $35 for violating a city's ordinance for safe transportation of animals. State animal cruelty charges are still possible, depending on weather or not detectives decided if there was criminal intent of animal abuse.  

The video is disturbing and shows a complete act of animal cruelty. We need to stand together, we need to speak up for those who don't have a voice. This owner claims that his dog likes to ride on top of the cage. If their child liked to play with knives, would you give them knives to play with? You are the adult, You are the one to make the right choices for your pet, YOU are responsible for their well-being.

I refuse to stand by, time after time and see animals be miss-treated and abused. Animal abusers need to be punished for their crimes and neglect. They need to be held accountable for these horrendous crimes, and our government needs to recognize that we will not be quiet, we not turn our head, and we will not let this happen in our life time anymore!

Please sign my petition to show that we are standing together as one united front of the abused and neglected animals and that we will NOT stand alone and quiet any longer, our voices and their voices WILL BE heard! We are advocating for stronger punishment for animal abusers. Animals deserve justice, and all animal torture and neglect must be treated like the serious crimes they truly are.


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