Clean Water From the Tap Now! Bali

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Our neighbours in Bali, Indonesia have been suffering a silent battle to get clean running water from the tap!

Researchers have predicted that Bali will face a water crisis by 2020 and currently it is in a dire situation! 60% of Bali's watersheds are declared dried and Bali's water table has dropped by 50 meters. This has led to saltwater intrusion into the water table causing even more issues. The quality of existing water is well below international standards and is the leading cause of diarrhea and infectious diseases on the island.

The issue is complex and requires a collaborative approach to solve. This may include:

  1. High-Quality Wastewater Treatment Facilities;
  2. Infrastructure to support the spread of clean water;
  3. Tough regulation on the use and management of water by the Tourism industry;
  4. Permaculture to agricultural lands;
  5. Incentives and support to business and community to achieve clean water;

So, why does this affect you? Australians are 1 of the top 5 tourists to Bali and 65% of Bali's available water source is used by the tourism industry. Whether you, your friend or a family member have had the pleasure of visiting Bali - without knowing it, we have contributed to Bali's silent battle to get clean running water. 

Please show your support for Bali by signing the petition. Let's show our neighbours in Bali that we care, that we stand united to get clean water across the island because access to clean water is an international human right!

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