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Mandatory Microchip Scanning in Ontario to protect Missing/Stolen Pets

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Animals go missing every day in Ontario. Pet owners need to know that animal professionals and quasi-professionals (vets, shelters, animal rescues...) will scan every pet that they come into contact with each and every time that they see the animal. It takes under one minute to scan a pet to identify the rightful owner of that pet and get it back home. False negatives have been reported with the scanners. If first scan is negative, professionals and quasi-professionals shall utilize a second scanning device to ensure the results are accurate.

Animal control investigators must also be given the authority to enter homes to scan pets that have reliable allegations that the animal was stolen. Pet parents should not be ignored by the police as it being a civil matter. The reality is that a stolen pet is theft of property valued less than $5,000.

My little Rescue has been missing since 14 November 2017. Was he retrieved and seen by a professional? Was he scanned? I will never know.

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