Graduation on OUR Marion Bulldog field

Graduation on OUR Marion Bulldog field

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Hunter Rubio started this petition to Marion ISD school board and

To the Marion ISD Faculty and School Board.

This is a petition on behalf of the 2020 Graduating Class of Marion High School.  You have presented us ( the graduates) two dates in June for holding the ceremony in the Seguin High School Gym and a date to hold a Virtual Ceremony. We the Graduates feel we should have a vote and a say in the Venue of OUR GRADUATION. I have spoken with many of the graduating class members and found that the suggestions you (the school board) is not acceptable for the reasons below.

    1.  We are PROUD of being students of Marion ISD. Marion is and has been our home and family since Kindergarten through our Senior Year.

     2. The option of graduating in the Seguin High School Gym, We find is NOT an appropriate option. We are NOT students of Seguin ISD and High School. We hold NO memories in Seguin High School.  

     3.  The option of holding a Virtual Ceremony is just COLD, no HEART, no EMOTION, ....NOTHING.

I stated above, that we ARE PROUD of graduating from Marion ISD High School.

We have an option that we should present to you (the Board) the best and only option that could make EVERYONE, especially US, the Graduates, happy. We have put an abundance of thought, heart, and consideration the guidelines dealing with Covid-19 Virus.

We would like to hold OUR GRADUATION in OUR Football Stadium. Many of us have 4 to 5 GENERATIONS that have done this in the past, successfully. 

With this in mind and having respect for Students, Faculty, Board Members, Family, and Especially Covid-19; utilizing the proper spacing guidelines of 6ft for the Faculty, Board Members, and Students on the Marion Football Field, surrounded by Parents of the Graduates also on the field, and  proper spacing in the stands for the families of the Graduates.The Ceremony being held either in the morning or the best time, in the evening at 7pm just like our football games.

       1. All you have to do is cut your Board Member speeches down to a minimum

       2. Allow the Main Students ( Valedictorian and such) to present their speeches, because they earned that right.

       3. Allow the Graduates walk the stage with HONOR and PRIDE for we have also earned that right.

We the Marion Graduating Class of 2020 have had MANY things taken away from us (example Senior Prom) because of this TERRIBLE virus, we ask for just this one thing that is the MOST SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT OF OUR LIVES, in the MOST SPECIAL PLACE OF OUR LIVES.

Thank You

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