Stop the development of 4-story apartments in our neighborhood

Stop the development of 4-story apartments in our neighborhood

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Marion County Metropolitan Development Commission

Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Tilson

We, the undersigned residents in Perry and Franklin Township, petition the Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) to deny the approval of the re-zoning request identified in Case Number 2021-ZON-125 for the following reasons:

Density of Residential Units – The units planned for in the property identified in the rezoning request are significantly more dense than surrounding established residential properties. The proposal does not provide adequate green / shared public space for proposed development and the number of potential residents planned. The proposal will not support even a small percentage of residents desiring to be outside at a given time. The plan does not provide adequate buffer space to adjoining neighborhood properties.

Drainage for Property – the proposed development provides very little land for absorption of rainfall. The planned retention ponds seem inadequate. The proposed plan has a significant potential to create new drainage problems for the adjoining properties that already is minimally adequate.

Traffic / Streets – the Proposed plan calls for two full access drives onto Edgewood Ave. The east most proposed drive is much too close to Emerson Avenue creating dangerous conditions with current traffic and size of the intersection. The west most proposed entrance is west of a ridge and provides a significant safety concern due to very limited clear sight to the east. Significant upgrades to Edgewood Emerson Intersection and Edgewood from the west of the intersection must be considered to support such additional traffic.

We respectfully submit the above concerns and request that you, the board members of the Metropolitan Development Commission deny the zoning request based on the planned development as detailed in the zoning request of case number 2021-ZON-125.

441 have signed. Let’s get to 500!