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Marion Community Schools Marion,In: I want them to remove sexual battery off my 7 year old son's record

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Sept.21 my 7 year old son was suspended which later became an expulsion. He was accused of sexual battery which was later dubbed "rape" by a state news station, Fox 59. The proof is that they have no proof. My son was cleared by the police as well as CPS. A doctor was reported as saying that the alleged victim(who was another 7 year old boy in my son considered a friend) had no signs of injury. During the Fox 59 news cast that aired Oct.10th, both the alleged victim's mother and the witness(who had been a known bully to my son for almost 2 years) lied on live television stating that the school waited a week. The school did not wait a week-everyone was notified that day of the incident which took only 60 seconds according to the principal. The police reported also that the witness reported as to seeing NOTHING. So which is it-did the boy see my son with an erect penis or not? The police and CPS have declared my son innocent and that no assault took place. So why is it that Marion Community Schools in Marion,IN can be above the law? My son and my family have been harassed and have even received death threats. The witness's father on a social network said horrible awful things and apparently it is okay for adults to act this way. My son and the boy were in the restroom for 60 seconds and my son has the label of a rapist when nothing happened other than 2 boys playing in a rest room. I only want the school to abide by the facts as the police and the CPS have them not on hearsay or because my son had problems with behavior due to ADHD and them waiting till the end of the school year to even get him an IEP. I don't want my son back in their school-I want his record wiped clean of sexual battery. My son was kicked out of Boy Scouts because of all this sick viciousness between the school and adults who should know better. Please help my son Justin get his name cleared.

If this can happen to my child-it can happen to anyone's child. Marion Community Schools is not above the law and using fear and insufficient evidence is going above and against the law. Sign the petition below to not only stand up for my son but for the rights of all children in public school systems. 

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