Save Marion Neighborhoods Now.

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The Problem:

Marion is our home. We live here in neighborhoods, work, raise our families, go to school and colleges, worship together and play together. We have made significant contributions to make this happen for ourselves and the community.

Our neighborhoods must be preserved.  Individual home owners, renters, and landlords need to observe common sense rules regarding the health and safety of our properties. The problem has increased in scope over the years. Action on these issues must take place NOW.

The Solution: 

The Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance

An ordinance to establish minimum standards for all buildings in the City of Marion, Indiana, and the establishment of penalties for the failure to meet the standards.
 Our mission is to provide proper enforcement of minimum housing and commercial standards with a commitment to integrity and excellence in customer service.  We believe this enhances the health, safety, property values and quality of life for the citizens of Marion, Indiana. Our goals are to: 1) keep neighborhoods safe and attractive; and 2) create a positive environment for investment by ensuring commercial properties are safe and attractive.

A full version of The Neighborhood Preseravtion Ordince may be accessed at


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