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Marineland Ontario, end the abuse. Stop profiting from animal cruelty!

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Directed to the Attention of:

Hon. Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (oversee's Ontario Animal Welfare Law)

Bill Peters, National Director of the Canadian Association of Zoos

The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice House of Commons (Member of Parliament for Niagara Falls)

John Holer, Owner of Marineland. 

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario


Release Kiska the Orca. Revoke Marineland License. Revise Animal Welfare Laws. ---------------


Marineland has gained a notorious reputation for animal cruelty, lacking adequate staff with the appropriate senior level skill training and severely negligent maintenance of their aquarium facility. Numerous incidents of animal deaths, ill health and behavioural issues have been reported, by individuals and welfare groups, through-out the years, and yet there has been no formal investigation nor penalty for the faulty business. 


The public demands that the Owner of this facility, John Holer, be held accountable. We demand all animals be thoroughly medically and socially rehabilitated and if satisfactory conditions for their ongoing ultimate health and well being can not be met at Marineland, we demand all animals, from both land and sea,  in their possession, be released to sanctuaries. We demand Kiska, the lone Orca residing at Marineland, be immediately released to an appropriate sea mammal Sanctuary. Additionally, we demand that the Canadian Association of Zoos & Aquariums revoke the 5 year operating license granted to Marineland in September 2011 and anticipate that it not be reinstated until an appropriate independent investigation, including the active participation of the OSPCA and or the Humane Society of Canada, be conducted and all matters including but not limited to the operating, maintenance and welfare of the facility and its animals be rectified. Furthermore, and most importantly, we demand the Provincial  Government of Ontario and Federal Government of Canada immediately amend,  and implement new improved comprehensive Laws and Regulations regarding sea animal ownership and subsequent private aquarium and zoo business related practices in Ontario and all of Canada. We respectfully ask the OSPCA and or the Humane Society of Canada be actively involved in the development of these new Laws and Regulations as well as all continued investigations of animal cruelty and be participants in any and all ongoing licensing of this and any other private animal entertainment  facility in Canada. 


Isn't it time as a modern and respectful society that we recognize these animals as our fellow inhabitants of the earth and not just products to abuse for profit? The time is now and Canada should lead the way in adopting the strongest Animal Welfare Laws in the world. 


Thank you for your timely and appropriate attention to these important matters.


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