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Release all 12 captive bottlenose dolphins

Imagine being free to eat as you wish with your family, to surf ocean waves and let the current carry you far and wide. Think of your innocence and free spirited nature. Think of your family then being murdered and you thrown into a prison cell. Imagine being intentionally kept hungry so that you will obey on command to eat. Perform or starve. This is the life of captive dolphins. Dolphins are highly intelligent and social animals. By enslaving them in tiny concrete and glass cages, their fundamental "dolphin-ness" is being taken away. Captive dolphins live much shorter life spans than wild dolphins. There is the need to feed them antibiotics, antidepressants and gastrointestinal medicines daily to keep their stress under control. Many captive dolphins have been known to commit suicide then to suffer another day as a slave for human entertainment. Over and over we hear of wild dolphins helping humans. Why can't we do the same for them? Help free these dolphins!

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  • Marineland Dolphin Adventures

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