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Pollution is becoming the most threatening health issue to the citizens of Hong Kong

Letter to
Environmental Protection Department
C Y Leung
Transport & Housing Bureau
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Marine Department
Policy Address
Chief Executive of Hong Kong,

2013 Policy Address Consultation Emission Control of Marine Vessels

Air pollution has become intolerable. Vessel pollution in particular is so bad, and the situation is so out of control, I want you to announce drastic steps to tackle this problem in your 2013 Policy Address.

In the Audit Commission report Implementation of air-quality improvement measures dated 26 October 2012, in Part 3 on Emission Control of Marine Vessels, the severe problems caused by vessel pollution are highlighted, but the recommendations are weak and appear to have been watered down to appease the shipping industry.

The shipping industry has been polluting the air of Hong Kong for years with impunity. This must stop, so I want you to introduce stringent measures in your Policy Address to aggressively tackle this problem.

In formulating your Policy Address, I want you to introduce the most stringent international standards that are being applied elsewhere, to Hong Kong, including:

1. Immediately legislating to adopt the latest IMO standards on vessel fuel and emissions;

2. Immediately adopting UK standards for Sulphur limits of diesel used by local vessels, namely (0.001%); and

3. Immediately replacing current legislation in respect of smoke emissions by vessels with similar provisos to the UK Clean Air Act 1993, so that emission of dark smoke alone is sufficient for prosecution (no need to prove nuisance and no time requirements on emissions), at the same time immediately adopting UK guidelines on the use of the Ringelmann Chart.

I also want you to aggressively tackle the other sources of air pollution that are currently plaguing Hong Kong by copying best practice elsewhere and introducing stringent international standards and measures to immediately address these problems.

In summary, I want you to set ambitious targets to rid Hong Kong of all major sources of air pollution within five years, I want the responsible government departments to treat this as a matter of priority and I do not want to see the government pandering to the concerns of vested interests on this issue.

Submitted for consideration.

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