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Marine Park Animal Abuse

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Have you ever been to an aquarium? Or a marine park? When you went you probably enjoyed the amazing dolphins and whales, it's not common to see these majestic creatures that close. Did you ever thing of HOW they got there?

In their natural oceanic habitat they swim in a world with no barriers, and swim for many miles. Capture is a very traumatic, violent, and potentially lethal ordeal that rips many families and communities apart. During capture they are chased till exhausted, encircled by nets while divers jump on them. While they are struggling to get out they can get injured and even drown.

Marine parks want small whales and dolphins, so just as a baby they are separated from their parents. They cry and struggle to get back to their mother. This is exactly how dolphins and whales end up at marine parks. Abducted from the sea and separated from loved ones, they are forced to circle around in tiny concrete enclosures the rest of their life's to amuse tourist.

To us the tanks may seem big, but the biggest tank is merely 1% of whales and dolphins natural range. The "Happy" life of a marine park is a big lie. This is the grim and cruel truth. If the dolphins or whales don't do something right, they get beaten. They are literally dying for our amusement. They don't do the shows for fun, they are starved until they obey the trainers signals.

Most captive whales and dolphins die young. They suffer. This is NOT a joke, this is selfish and it's abuse. WE are killing them with ignorance and GREED. It is us, humans, who are responsible for this. Lets work together, and try to end their pain. You can help by not going to marine parks, and not supporting such profit.


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