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Stop the takeover of our ridges by Verizon!

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Verizon wants to build a huge cell tower on a ridge top over Fairfax.


Do you want this on a ridge overlooking Fairfax?

-a 50-foot cell tower with 12 panel antennas 
-a six-foot chain link fence around a 1,216 square foot area 
-a 184-square foot equipment shed 
-a 210-gallon diesel tank and generator 
-two 5-ton air conditioning units 
-800-foot trench down face of ridge 
-a new 12 to 18 foot wide gravel access road 
-opportunity for other telecom companies to locate on the same ridge

We can get better cell phone coverage without giving up Fairfax's ridges to a multi-billion dollar corporation like Verizon. Marin's Countywide Plan and the Marin Telecommunications Facilities Policy Plan prohibit towers from being constructed in Ridge and Upland Greenbelt Areas unless there are no other alternatives. There are alternatives! 

This is clearly the wrong direction to take Fairfax and all of Marin County. Please help stop this tower and don't let the Supervisors give away our ridges to Verizon!

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