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"A fancomic by Marilyne06Art"

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I've been receiving a lot of support from some of you and a lot of questions about my character's story as well, so I decided to open a to see how many people would like to read a comic about my main character, Lynn.
If the campaing succeeds, I'll start drawing and publishing page by page the comic on Patreon —this way, my patrons would be able to see the pages first— and then it will be published for free once it's finshed. It will take long, though.


—First of all, the universe where the story takes place is based in part on the rich lore of the Starbound videogame, but the main source of the story is entirely mine.

—I am not going to earn money with this project (as said before); in fact, I am going to publish it for free when it is done, but it really helps me as a creator to have your support in Patreon. This way, I am going to feel encouraged with this project.

—The Patreon page will not be published until this campaing gets enough support to start. Meanwhile, check my Steam account to be informed about the news and updates!

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