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NBCCSJ Parking Lot Security

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Recently a safety issue has come upon my concern at my college. Yesterday afternoon when I was about to leave NBCCSJ for the day, I noticed a long, deep scratch along the front of my car. It was clear that this scratch was intentional and was made by a sharp object which is assumed to be a key. With inspection from an experienced individual in the automotive industry, it was noted that the entire front end of my car would need to be repainted to fix the marks of vandalism. Of course being a college student, I do not have the funds at the moment to have my car repainted. All being said, I decided that the incident should be reported to my school and hopefully, we would be able to find the person that had done this to my car. 

Today when I went to report the incident to the security team at my school, they notified me that the only thing I could do is have an incident report written and to call the local police force and have a file opened on the case. When I had asked if there were security cameras in the parking lot that might have caught someone in action, their response was that there are no security cameras looking out the parking lot. 

No security cameras. In a parking lot to fit over 700 students. Just think about that.

One member of the security team had told me that they had been working here for over two years, and in that time frame they have been begging and pleading to have security cameras installed in the parking lot. OVER TWO YEARS and still no positive response.

This is a major safety concern!

This campus is open until 8:30 p.m. and many students, including myself, will stay after school to finish up assignments. Some days, by the time I leave the school it's already dark outside and majority of the parking lot is empty. Having to walk through a dark parking lot at night by yourself is terrifying. You never know what could happen in the moments reaching up to you getting to your car. Here at NBCCSJ, if something were to happen in those moments there is no way of having further protection, proving an assault, or solving an assault. 

Here are some statistics to help further explain why this is such a critical issue among this college:

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- more than 1 in 10 property crimes including motor vehicle theft and property theft occur in parking lots or garages.

- 7.3% of all violent crimes occur in parking lots or garages.

- 40% of rapes and assaults take place in parking lots.

Are we just going to sit back and wait for something tragic to happen before installing security cameras? The safety of students is not something that should only be protected after it's been put at risk.

Please, on behalf of all NBCCSJ students, take precautionary measures and install security cameras before it's too late. 


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