Sweet Jesus -change the name of your shop.

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A Toronto based ice cream company has named their shop by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is titled Sweet Jesus and the 't' in sweet appears as an upside down cross. This is a complete mockery of the Christian faith and to many followers of Christ. This shop should not be allowed to name their business by this name as it is extremely offensive to many Christians. It exists in malls in the GTA  which I have seen with my own eyes in Scarborough Town Centre and Square One as well as storefronts in Ottawa, Niagara and other places. The company is moving into the United States and say that they have no plans on changing their name. If this shop was named after any other religion, it would be completely unacceptable and taken down. So why is it ok with Christianity? Brothers and sisters, let's ban together, petition, pray and believe for change. Thanks for signing the petition.