Implement the Anti-Catcalling Ordinance in Marikina City

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Picture was taken from and illustrated by Bob-Al Greene

Have you ever experienced simply walking down a street when suddenly,  an unfamiliar man whistles and says to you phrases such as “Miss uwi ka na hindi na ako galit,” “Sexy mo naman miss,” or “Pahingi naman ng smile diyan miss beautiful.”

These phrases are examples of catcalling, a form of sexual harassment that women sadly experience in their everyday lives. Based on the statistics made by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, 3 out of 5 women had experienced being catcalled at least once in their lifetime and 3 out of 5 men had admitted doing the act of calling at least one of their lifetime. We should act now and do not let this issue become normalized in our culture.

Both men and women aren't pieces of meat hanging outside a butcher shop that you can just stare and drooled at on.  Each person shouldn't be treated as sexual commodities that were born to feed the wants and desires of another. Women and should be treated with respect. Everyone should feel comfortable and secure while living their day to day lives and catcalling does not help one bit.

We ourselves had some experience of being catcalled when we were coming home from school in Marikina City. What was more bothersome was we were wearing our school uniforms that weren't even revealing in anyway. This made us feel more alarmed and unsafe due to the fact that even with 'respectable' clothing, anyone can be harassed.

We ask for the government of Marikina City to implement the Anti-Catcalling Ordinance to help everyone battle out the issue of sexual harassment. We ask for you to address the issue to help each and everyone to feel safer in living their daily lives. For everyone to feel safe while just simply walking along a street.

For more insight of how catcalling is  becoming normalized in our society, please click on the link to watch a video about a social experiment about catcalling:

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