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Caring for the Youths of Tomorrow

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Alarming Rapid Increase of Street Children in Manila


Rapid increase of homeless and street children today is one of the hugest problem that Philippines currently facing especially in the city of Manila. Street children struggle and survived their daily life in the roadsides of Manila and they are careless and unknowledgeable in the negative possibilities in making the roadsides a shelter. Street Children are those young people who have no families to support them and give them what their needs, like home, shelter, financial assistance, medicine, love and care, food, and education which is the basics in order a human to live.

The term street children is a broad term used to describe children who experience poverty, and that are homeless that is usually lives in the streets of a city, town, or village without proper care, love, and support from their love one's.

In accordance to the law makers like UNICEFs concept, boys and girls, aged under 18 years, for whom continue their daily survival with "the street", are called street children.

The report titled "Situation of the Youth in the Philippines" stated that there are about 1.5 million street children in the Philippines, and about 70 percent of which are males.

There are lots of factors to be considered in connection to the word street children, poor parenting is one of the primary factors why children's life got ruined and their basic assistance that must have given to them wasn't fulfilled and granted.

Drugs are another factor, common substances like inhalants, including solvents, and rugby results to various health problems both physically and mentally. Street children are generally unnourished, untidy, thin, and difficultly equipped to survive the threats of daily living with regards to the streets. Sickness, physical injuries from vehicles, street fights, harassment from sextortion, sexual exploitation, and exposure to substance abuse, are some of the negative outcomes that children who used to live with the streets gets, and experiences.


Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. And to tackle the wide spread stigma street-connected children face and raise awareness and understanding of their situation, so they are protected, respected and supported to realize their fullest potential.

Our vision is to respect and to be oriented to the values of dignity of the children as a human being and as a citizen that responsible in freedom. Every child should attain the right to survive and live peacefully.


The major purpose of this organization is to help the street children, to give them family or even guardians to keep them safer rather than they are sleeping in the streets near or beside the road. We are willing to help for the sake of those children, for them to be able to feel the beauty of life, and to feel what family truly means.

The purpose of this organization is to give every child living beside the road, living underneath the bridge enough protection. Because we know that they are not safe there, especially they don't have parents to care for them, give them advice, and treasure them and someone that give them love.

In this organization, we are going to coordinate with the DSWD.We are helping them also to find someone that's willing to take those kids undergoing to secured transaction and agreement to ensure the protection of those poor kids that will be released. At this point we are going to use website that can help us to give more communication with those person that are willing to take those children.

At last especially, they are not only aiming to find someone that will give them love, protection and someone that will give them moral support, of course this organization also want to those children be educated and prepare them for their future so they can give better life for their future children. Giving them the power of education that no one can ever steal. That is all generally and specifically that this mission is not only for those children but for the future not only for us and for them but for our country. That maybe in future there will be no child living in the streets or whatever, no one will live alone and parentless, no one will be uneducated. In short our country's number one problem which is the financial and work shortage will be resolved.


This project propose the alarming rapid increase of street children in Manila, because our group observed about the increasing level of those kind of children that is our truly concern to do this proposal.

Our group is proposing to help and support those street children by providing them basic needs such as, home medicine, shelter, financial assistance, food, love and care that are truly essential for a child to raise a good person in life.

With the help of generous people who are going to help those children are not perfectly having a good life. Rather than to spend our lives to something else, our group decided to help those street children.

A love and care from our parents are the best way to encourage us for not trying different bad practices. We should not let our family destroy by not taking care of each other. What do you think the reason why they have been lost their path, that they turned their lives into unhealthy life? Poor parental guidance coming from their parents is the reason why they have turned like that.

In Manila there are many street children that has been scattered and can be found everywhere. Because of the reason that they are no having family to come or being abandoned and there is no food to eat. They have been forced by complicated environment to do bad things even they are in the field of middle childhood.

By the actions that our group will going to do, by the love and care that we will provide that could help them be comfortable and could develop their personality. By inspiring them to have goals and dreams in life that they could able to achieve by having good and healthy condition. These actions that our group is aiming for that will guide those street children in an organized and prosperous life and community.


The support is representing as value or project expenses of my team.

Detailed Description for each budget line
Consultants (500,000)
Manila consultants
Manila consultants for preparing of training materials and holding workshops, in support of activities. Work Months [WM]) x (200,000 per month) + (200,000 for consultant(s) travel) = (100,000)

Patient's (250,000)
Manila Regional patients
Manila street children for preparing case studies for workshops, in support of activities (100,000 per month) x (countries) = 150,000

Study Tours (Fellowships) (25,000)
Manila Study Tours
Manila study tours to strengthen the capacity of the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) in support of 25,000.

Seminars and Workshops (15,000)
Per workshop is support of 10,000

Working Groups (5,000)
Working groups meeting in support of 5,000 per meeting.

Operating expenses (60,000)
In support of 10,000
In support of 50,000

The education of children (5,000,000)
All street children in manila are to educate the public school, for their needs is support by our team.

For adopting street children (1,000,000)


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