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For Forgiveness And A Second Chance

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This message goes out to those that are still living "that" life, and to those that have moved past that life. I am one who did live that life; got to know the very worst life had to offer, but was given a hand from above that helped me stand again. I was fortunate enough to learn the value and purpose off life. Something that was so far from my thoughts as a kid. Because of everything I went through and experienced, I am now able to relate with just about anyone and anything they may be going through now.
My plans for if I'm given a second chance at life: There is an organization called Strong City out of New Orleans. They dedicate their time to helping juveniles. I would like to join up with this organization and start a branch here in Southwest VA. See, your typical juvenile won't accept just anyone coming around telling them what they are doing wrong and trying to help them change the path they are on. Intentions can be the best in he world, but if a kid doesn't truly look up to who is talking, then its all on deaf ears. That is why it will take a team of perfectly selected individuals who are trained properly in how to deal with so many different personalities.
I also plan on starting a wood shop to build small furniture items like coffee tables,end tables,lamps,and rocking chairs. Then I will be able to use the wood shop to teach work ethics to these troubled juveniles. Something that is extremely lacking in a lot of kids now days. During this time and other appointed times, like maybe fishing, camping, or any other activities, the seeds can be planted of the values and purposes of life. If the seeds are never planted then they can never begin to grow at all. I know that if some of those seeds were planted in good soil for me as a child, chances are I would have had a much better chance at succeeding in life. I imagine that most of you reading this can relate with what I am saying. Allow them to avoid the trials and errors of our own lives. Have appointed meetings for parents,or anyone interested for just casual talk and suggestions on how to make the movement better for this young generation and the ones to come. Right now we are definitely seeing the children going in the wrong direction. And the numbers are increasing way to fast.
This is something that we can do together as a community when and if I am fortunate enough to get out. This will be my attempt to give just a little back to the community that I took so much from as a kid myself. Nothing I do will ever be enough to rectify the mistakes I made, because no amount of nothing can ever pay for a life. So keep that in mind before the lives of these children and juveniles are gone and it becomes too late to right the wrongs. Life goes by so fast! They don't know that like we do. Joshua Widener.

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