Remove Joan Parkinson as a court appointed advisor for Maricopa County Superior Court

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Joan Parkinson was assigned to my family court case as a court appointed adviser in April of 2017. She sided with father in the case and allowed allegations of drug use and accusation of DCS involvement along with allegations of a criminal history be considered in her report without a thorough investigation. I informed Joan Parkinson during our interview that I had concerns about the father involved in this case. I explained that the allegations of the criminal background were incorrect and that eventually the charges would be dropped based on my innocence. I also informed Joan that I have never had a case with DCS and have never had children removed from my home. I explained to her that in the reports from DCS there were only allegations made by father involved in this case, a previous ex that I have children in common with from 2003, and a case where 2 of my children were removed from their father and placed into my care due to his drug use and his neglect to the children. I supplied her with all the case filings and all of the DCS phone numbers for verification. I also asked her to connect with the court appointed adviser and best interest attorney involved in the Maricopa County Superior Court family case involving my ex and those children that removed from him, recommending those children be removed from him and placed with me (that was part of the DCS records). I gave her court records of father involved in this case that indicate his guilt for assaulting my son, and his criminal background that showed his felony case and prison sentence. I informed of his driving record that showed he is driving children around on a suspended license and gave the information of his previous employer that terminated him based on his drug use. I showed Joan my home, gave her references including all of my children's (10 total children) school records, health records, my current rental agreement, proof of employment and references of friends, supervisors, church elders etc. On July 25th, 2017 she made recommendations that my 2 youngest children involved in this case be removed from my home and place with their father, giving him temporary sole custody. Her recommendations were only allowing me to visit with my 2 children on my days off from 10am-6pm and no overnights. She slandered me and never mentioned any of the concerns I had regarding father in her report. She stated I was homeless and had many children removed from my home by DCS. She reported that I was a drug user, used with my children and was my children's drug supplier. I have since went to court regarding the criminal issue she was talking about and that has been resolved and dismissed, as I informed her would happen. I contacted the supervisor of DCS and explained what was said at court and what the judge ruled on. The supervisor informed me that they would help me at my next hearing to inform the judge that I have never been a client with DCS. Which then, at that hearing they would then explain I have never had any issues or have ever had children removed by DCS. I went to Maricopa Countys Office of Judicial Conduct due to the fact that our commissioner made a ruling based on reports made by Joan Parkinson that were bias, and based on lies and allegations made by father of this case and the commissioner never went through any of my exhibits proving otherwise or even allowed me to be heard. The judge never even asked for an investigation to be made regarding my other children. There were no orders made for counseling, drug testing or a follow up on all children in my home. I walked out of the courtroom with 2 children less and no orders or direction on obtaining custody again. When I recently sent an email to Joan with a results from a hair follicle drug test I took in March that went back 90 days showing negative results for drug use, she continued to harass and slander me regarding decisions I have made and stating I was mentally unhealthy and informed me to get help. She emailed me prior to all criminal issues being resolved stating it wasn't going to work out for me. She continues to harass me, lie and make up reports that are unfair and untruthful. She is completely bias in this case, and because of that she had my 2 babies removed from my home and I have missed out on almost a year of being a part of their growth and development. Please help me with the removal of Joan Parkinson as a court appointed adviser for Maricopa County Superior Court Family Court. She is not a neutral party and will destroy families. She does not follow the rules of ethics. She has lost her licensing before for being unethical. She should not be making these types of decisions. Thank you.

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