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Return my terminally ill and mentally handicapped sister back to my mother

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Back in 2007, my mother moved to Syria due to discrimination within the work place and financial hardships. In 2007, prior to leaving, my mom decided it was best to leave my sister in the care of one of her registered nurses that had taken care of her for six years prior. In order to make that happen, DES had my mother sign over all her rights as a ward of the state. Unfortunately, they did not make clear that she was claiming abandonment and surrending her rights to my sister. My mother was not planning on living in Syria permanently, but due to the financial struggles and medical incapabilities of the country, she didn't want to risk her daughter dying overseas without any medical benefits. This is why she signed the papers; to give my sister a fighting chance.

When my mother returned in 2009, she immediately sought out on what she had to do to Sarah back. Keep in mind, my mother did come back to visit my sister during the time she was in Syria; the courts are claiming that never happened.

Since then, my mom has been on a wild goose chase, in and out of the court system, trying to get my sister back. Unfortunately, the government won't give my mother the time of day. Even her attorney didn't try to act in my mother's best interest. During the last court hearing, DES and CPS pulled out every ounce of false information they could; everything was 'hear-say.' They couldn't properly come up with any documentation against my mother's parenting skills--or even knowledge that she was incapable of providing or taking care of my sister--but since she signed that documentation that DES had given her back in 2007, it justifies the way they have been treating her. Thus, severing all her rights to my sister to the point that she cannot see her own mother.

This is why I sought out a petition on Honestly, no person should be denied the right to their children unless there is probable cause. My mother has never abused any of her children, never been addicted to drugs, and has never put our life in danger. My mother has done nothing but show us care, love and admiration, and has even put our health and wellness above her own, in some cases.

I am asking everyone to sign this petition to not only return my terminally ill and mentally handicapped sister back to my mother, but to force them to appeal the case, and actually get the truth out on the table. Without your help, I fear that my sister will die in the foster care without ever getting a chance to see her mother again. Sarah belongs with her blood family who loves her. We do not want her to die in a facility that is only benefitted by the financial gain.

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