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To Provide Alternative Transportation in the Maricopa County Community.

We the undersigned, petition the Maricopa Community College Chancellor, County, and City Governments to provide sustainable transportation options for the students and community of Maricopa County.


We expect to significantly improve:

•Light rail extensions and intermodal connectivity (buses, etc.) to all Maricopa Community Colleges.

•Access to subsidized transit passes for all Maricopa Community College students.

•Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and services at all Maricopa Community Colleges.     


Improved transit, walking, and biking options at all Maricopa Community Colleges are necessary strategies in reducing transportation-related air pollution and Greenhouse Gas emissions. Students, Faculty, staff, and community members cannot reduce auto dependency without safe, efficient, and affordable transportation alternatives. Such strategies contribute to improved local air quality and reduced road congestion while also minimizing long-term Greenhouse Gas emissions. Importantly, sustainable transportation options address longstanding issues of social equity, road safety, and urban livability. We want communities designed for people, not cars!




This petition was delivered to:
  • Maricopa Community College Chancellor, County, and City Governments of the City of Phoenix, Arizona

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