Review & Reduce Maribyrnong Councils Outrageous Rates & Expenditure

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Like most ratepayers in the City of Maribyrnong, I am sick of paying the highest rates in the west of Melbourne and the highest rates throughout all of metropolitan Melbourne. Most comparative fees and charges (example pet registration) are higher in Maribyrnong than our local Council neighbours.

Maribyrnong Council continue to fund programs that arguably should not be the remit of Local Government. And yourself, why do your rates fund activities that are the plaything of current Councillors and are just on their personal wish list? Do we know how much money is set aside each year for each individual Councillor to spend on whatever project suits them? Is the spending assessed on merit and checked for personal conflicts? 

I believe it is time for Council to undertake a whole of Council review of expenditure, with a view to reducing costs. We need Council to justify why they fund the programs they do, they need to tell us when was the last time managers were instructed to reduce expenditure, to review head count and to look for savings in their budgets.

Council and Councillors continually explode with enthusiasm over "new and exciting" projects that are undertaken, and why wouldn't they when they have a money tree in their backyard - and that money tree is you and I. They just keep spending and they never consider the financial hardship their pet projects are causing to the people they are meant to serve.

Reckless and constant upward spending by Maribyrnong Council is effecting all ratepayers in Maribyrnong, particularly in the current financial realm we are in, with few having wage increases and the overall cost of living increasing. Have you ever wondered how your old age pensioner neighbours are coping with the high cost of energy and then throw in ever increasing rates?

It is time that the City Of Maribyrnong put a hold on all non-urgent spending and undertook a whole of Council review of projects, expenditure (one off and ongoing), head count and to actively look for cost savings to reduce the financial burden on all ratepayers. The wild and reckless spending that Council and Councillors approve has to cease. 

It would be great to hear from all Councillors as to which of them would support such a process. And as this does effect you, your neighbours, your friends and family, why not ask your Councillor what they are doing to reduce the cost of expenditure in the City Of Maribyrnong?