Make "Summer Live Entertainment/Music Licenses Available in all venues from June to September in Spain

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Make "Summer Live Entertainment/Music Licenses Available in all venues from June to September in Spain

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English - Make a "Summer Live Entertainment/Music Licence" Available for All Venues During June to September from 8pm - 12pm in Spain

Keep Entertainment Live In Spain

Currently trade is being lost by bars and other venues that do not have a "live music licence". They are being fined and closed. Entertainers are losing work and the tourist trade is suffering due to the lack of live entertainment in the immediate area. Holiday makers and residents need the choice of whether to spend their money in a venue that has live music, ambient music or none at all. The choice is not there at the moment for many bars to offer live entertainment due to financial and size restrictions of their premises. We would like the money that comes into our area to stay here and be spent with our local businesses (of all types) and not to go to areas where live entertainment is freely available, such as Benidorm, or other hotel based holiday centres.

 “Summer Live Entertainment/ Music Licence” Proposal

We propose that a special free licence is made available in Spain for all venues and that can be applied for from the local council or government.  This licence would allow live music to be played within the premises from the hours of 8pm – 12.00pm from June 1st until September 30th. The bars (including bar/cafeterias) would need to have a current opening licence, public and employee insurance, fire extinguisher certificate, all staff should have contracts and the owner self employment registered (Autonomo) to qualify.

We would like this licence to cover music played both inside and outside of the premises. Owing to the high temperatures in Spain during those months many people like to sit outside. We also propose that holders of these legitimately licensed premises would need to have more than one public complaint to have attendance from local police. Permitted decibel levels could also be raised during this time to a more realistic level.

 All aspects of the hospitality industry and its services are losing money on a daily basis. The number of registered residents has declined, as they are returning to their own countries. Some because their businesses have been failing and there are very few jobs available. With less income from residents, the councils then have to cut back on their budget for essential amenities. This causes more discontent from residents, who may then decide to leave the area. The cycle can be a vicious one and result in areas becoming virtual ghost towns very quickly. The housing market has also declined over the years. With those that are leaving practically giving their properties away in an effort to leave. The country is losing qualified, talented, self employed people  who provide services that bring revenue and cash flow into the Spanish economy.

 A trial “Summer Live Entertainment/ Music Licence” has the potential to bring much needed tourism back into the area which has declined, and give a surge of trade to all the businesses in these areas. We would like all areas of Spain to return to being a top holiday destination in Europe, with tourists and residents alike appreciating all that it has to offer.

Why you should sign

We need you to sign and show your support for this petition, so that we can start breathing more life back into areas that used to be vibrant and fun places to live, work and visit. The licence would be beneficial to all of Spain by giving people the choice of local entertainment. At present, in a lot of areas the options are limited - or non-existent, and this has caused many regular visitors to stop coming altogether.  We would like to bring back the reason that people live and holiday here, (besides the weather) and that is having a good time. Many people can’t afford to see live acts on a regular basis in their own countries, but in this region we have many top talented acts that would like the opportunity to perform in venues without the fear of being stopped in the middle of a performance, or cancelled because the right paperwork from the venue isn’t available. This licence would address the issue, covering the season when most visitors come to holiday in Spain and when there is the most need for live entertainment.

This licence would only allow appropriately licensed premises (including bar cafeterias) to have music set at a reasonable sound level from 8 – 12pm.

The growth potential for holiday areas is also there, as more customers frequent the establishments. Also more jobs will be created in all sectors.  By making visitor’s stays more enjoyable, the likelihood of them returning is far higher than if they were disappointed with their long awaited holiday.  We are used to having Sunday opening, during the high season.  This licence should bring entertainment in line with that ethos - that businesses need the ability to take advantage of the time when there are more people who want to spend their money.  Live entertainment is one of the attractions of living in an area. To be able to walk to your local bar and see your favourite music played by a real person and with the atmosphere that creates. This cannot be compared to background CDs for the personal interaction that live music creates.

 We hope that the Summer Live Entertainment/Music Licence will give all business owners and everyone in the service industry the help to attract new visitors and business into the areas which are suffering, and to encourage repeat business for everyone.

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This petition had 308 supporters