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Address Bullying, Race & Discrimination at P.S. 130

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Hello Everyone

I’ve been coping with on ongoing issue at my son’s school P.S. 130. Since November my son, Nicholas has faced numerous accounts of bullying, discrimination and racism and preferential treatment against him. This is not the first time a Non- Asian child has faced discrimination however the school and its community likes to 'sweep it under the rug'.

My son was pushed, kicked, pinched, poked with foreign objects by the same 3 Asian students (different occasions) and the principal Renny Fong and Assistant Principal Jennifer Pearsall claim Nicholas has not been bullied at all. Mrs. Pearsall and Mr. Fong and I have met many times regarding these issues and they have not taken me seriously and have tried to make my son into a perpetrator.

My child has been called racial slurs; 'nigger' numerous times and I have yet to see any of those kids suspended or removed permanently from the class. Or even the bare minimum which is a letter home to the parents urging them to address these matters with their children and it shouldn't be tolerated at school.

I've addressed my concerns about the school environment for Non- Asian students as this school year not a single lesson was taught on black history or any other race but there's a huge celebration for Chinese New Year in the school and classrooms.

There's many children who aren't even zoned at the school who live as far as New Jersey but use fake addresses out here to get more Asian students in. The school is also notorious for making ACS cases on Non- Asian students but when an Asian student complains that they were beaten with an object, people like Mrs. Pearsall turn a blind eye to it and it goes unreported.

We need Mr. Fong to make changes in how our Non- Asian students are treated. When you put one race above another that already sets the bar for the other students to be mistreated. This school fails to be inclusive of ALL races and CULTURES! I want Mr. Fong and Mrs. Pearsall to stop turning a blind eye to the matter and do what's necessary so this doesn't happen to more children like my child.

**** In the link below you can see for yourself Nicholas telling me what's going on at school

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