Let's play ball (in low traffic/risk areas)!

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I am looking to exempt low traffic/risk streets from the bi-law in Burlington that won't allow people to play sports on the road. There is a bi-law in Burlington that doesn't allow residents to play hockey or basketball on their streets regardless of traffic. We live on a very calm street and we are being asked to take our basketball net down.  We use it frequently and the kids all love it.  I don't think it is a bi-law that should be disregarded completely but the traffic on the street should play a part.  I understand that bi-laws are hard to change and I get the importance of this one for higher traffic areas. So what I'm requesting is instead of eliminating it completely, to just not enforce it in low traffic/risk areas. 

I just want our kids to be able to continue to play, enjoy the outdoors, meet other neighbourhood kids etc. We love our calm, friendly street and hope to continue to safely play on it.  Thank you!