Save the Moore-Irwin House and Open Space Property

Save the Moore-Irwin House and Open Space Property

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Marianne Hooper started this petition to

Save the Moore Irwin Property and all of our Parks from development!

What does Upper Merion need more of... parks, open space and historic preservation? OR yet another retail shopping center?
SHARE to raise awareness of the plans to build a shopping area in an Upper Merion historic park!  Recently. The Board tried to rezone parks to commercial space.  Public uproar prevented that from happening.  But, once again,  there is a new plan to commercialize yet another park.

Will Upper Merion see yet another shopping area, this time built of old shipping containers on what is supposed to be open space and a culturally significant historic site?.

The KoPBID wants to use 2 acres of open space/park land to put in another group of retail stores at the Moore Irwin park and arboretum at 700 Moore Rd. The Board of Supervisors and the township manager appear to be on board if not enthusiastic about yet another attempt to commercialize our parks.

The area outlined in red is the King of Prussia Mixed Used zoning district. Within that area, developers can build a mix of offices, residential housing (usually apartments), and retail shopping. The tiny area in the middle outlined in blue is currently zoned RA - Recreational Area, aka open space. On this open space sits the Moore Irwin House and the Silas Burgess Arboretum.

The shade tree commission recently spent a lot of time and money to preserve the long neglected arboretum and it's looking much better. The township recently paid $5000 for an architectural survey of the historic Moore-Irwin House.
The township has reportedy received at least preliminary results of the survey, but are keeping them under wraps.  Rumor has it that the results are that the building is not as far gone as was thought (or hoped by the BOS). 

THiIS BUILDING CAN BE SAVED AND REPURPOSED!  It is on the Pennsylvania register of historically significant resources that are worthy of preservation. As such, grant money is no doubt available to rescue this treasure from the decades of decay allowed by the township. It is worthy of preservation for its significance as a General's Quarters during the Revolutionary War and Encampment at Valley Forge and its architectural significance as an example of the work of renowned architect R. Brogard Okie.

IF the Board is allowed to go ahead and amend the zoning code for Recreational Areas (RA) to allow "temporary" commercial building (in this case old shipping containers), the rest of our parks are at risk for the same.   Does anyone really want to see "Container Park Retail" in ANY of our parks...Heuser, Swedeland, Bob White and others?

Like and share this post and this petition!  We have another park as well as an historic building to save!

Additional information:

Excerpt from Historian Ed Dybicz article:
"According to records of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Washington made several visits in time of peace to the area. Most memorable was his last visit to Upper Merion when he came to see the old camp grounds at Valley Forge and went fishing in Port Kennedy.
"An entry in Washington’s diary for July 30, 1787 reads: “In company with Governor Morris and in his phaeton with my horses, went up to one Jane Moore’s in whose house we lodged in the vicinity of Valley Forge, to get trout.”

Irwin Estate History Fact:

Information about R. Brognard Okie, who worked on the expansion of the building:

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