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Child access for Fathers and non biological parents.

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I am starting this petition on behalf of all the fathers and non biological parents who have to go through the heart ache of not seeing their child after a relationship has ended. 

I was in a same sex relationship and had a child together. I am registered as a parents to that child. 

The relationship ended and it was fine, I was able to see my child often but as things go the situation change and now my ex has decided that I should not be able to see the child. 

As a parent you know how much you love your child, from the moment you greet them into this world you're in love. Nothing can describe that love. Not being able to see them everyday is hard but to not see them at all is unbearable, it's heart breaking. 

The law at the moment states that the biological mother has all right to that child weather you are a biological father/parent or not. And a lot of the time when going through court the mother is still in favour. 

You can take the mother to court and spend thousands and get the access you want but the mother can simply ignore the judges orders causing you to take her to court again and again spending thousands until you simply have to let go because you simply have no more money to spare. I don't see that be fair.


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