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Stop the giant fallen oaks at Overton from going to the dump to burn!

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After the storm in May, because of the sheer volume, the city has not been able to dispose of all the trees through municipal compost and mulching. Many have gone to the dump to be incinerated, which releases the carbon back into the atmosphere.

There are two impressively large fallen oaks remaining at Overton Park. As they are public trees, it is a reflection of our society how they are processed. 

We are proposing that some parts be left in the park so people can respect and appreciate them. One solution is to cut a slice for an informational installation entering the old growth forest. Simple benches, stools, and tables can also be made as well as parts for the children's playground.

Woodland Tree Services and City-Wood have both expressed availability in milling parts into furniture as a fundraiser for the Overton Park Conservancy. And the raw wood provides potential for many artists to make further sculpture or installations.

It is also possible to grow medicinal mushrooms like reishi or turkey tail, which have clinically documented benefits for the auto-immune system.

Please let the city know we care about these trees and what happens to them!





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