Dodgeball Is Not A Crime

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I am writing to demand that the charges against, ten-year-old, Bryce Lindley be dropped, that a formal apology be made to his family, and that the District Attorney's office seek racial training support to create structural change in a system that is consistently criminalizing black youth.  

As a veteran elementary school teacher, I know that children get hurt on the playground all the time. If the injured student had a pre-existing condition, his parents should have informed the school administration about his physical limitations/restrictions. If they did not, then they are the ones who should be held responsible for his injuries.

If the parents did inform the school, then the school should be charged for allowing him to play games where he could be injured. This is common knowledge and it seems that the school is seeking to shirk responsibility.

If the school did know and expected the students to take the responsibility of making sure the child was safe from harm, then they are still the ones who should be held accountable because that is an adult responsibility, not a child's.

What should NOT happen is that a ten-year-old child be singled out and charged with a crime for playing a common childhood game. 

Stop criminalizing childhood.                                                                                  Stop criminalizing black youth.                                                                               Drop the charges against Bryce Lindley.