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Please Help Maverick Come Home

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I am 22 years old currently with a part-time job for over a year now, own my own vehicle and have been renting apartment for over a year now. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SMOKE, DRINK, or DO ANY FORM OF DRUGS. I have a huge no tolerance for it. Currently serving a 2 year probation sentence, however I only have 10 months left and the rest of my fines to pay off before asking the judge to expunge my record. All minor disorderly conducts from my abusive past relationship. Since being in a new relationship since May 5th 2016. There have been no new charges.

My son's father and I had been dating since October 10th 2011 until sometime in april of 2016. We had a daughter together on August 3, 2012 that I chose to do open adoption with which I am still involved with and he no longer is. She is 4 years old. We lost our 3rd child on March 13th 2016.

On October 5th, 2015 my world changed drastically. My 1 and half year old (currently 2 1/2) was removed from my care due to an abusive realationship with his biological father of nearly 6 years and the fact that I suffer from Bipolar and Anxiety disorders. In-which I have been and currently treated for over 12 years. On October 4th 2015 around 10pm his father and I had been arguing due to him not helping out with his son as much as I would have liked and discovering that he was cheating, lying about drug usage and what he was really up to. He also has had a bad alcohol addiction. And when things wouldn't go right or his way he would get very aggressive and angry. Which eventually led to us getting evicted out of our 2 bedroom apt. (My son and I were just getting over colds and I had been up all day cleaning and taking care of him). (I breastfed our son for 10 consuctively months before being sent to a psychward and forced to quit breastfeeding). His dad had a friend over at the time who proceeded to call the cops on me.

I called for my mother to come get our son that night, she came all the way from Maiden Rock, Wi which is about 30 mins from Ellsworth, WI. However when she arrived, the cops would not allow her to take my son for the night because they stated "In the state of Wisconsin the father of the child has say on where the child goes" well of course my son's stubborn father does not have a good relationship with my mother for all the reasons I have listed. So he threw a fit and the cops allowed my son to stay with him (even though I had stated that his dad had been drinking with his friend). Because it was a verbal altercation in front of our son, and his father's friend gave his statement on what had happened. The cops said, " I was the initial instigator and that I would be getting arrested on a disorderly conduct charge." I would be getting booked into the jail overnight to let things cool down and that I could be bailed out in the morning". With all that being said I cooperated with the officers and spent the night in jail.

The following morning my mother had posted $150.00 bail amount for me to be released. Once everything was finalized and I was out, in the waiting room were 2 social workers who I have never seen or worked with serve me papers that stated, my son was being removed from my care and placed with his father's sister. (paternal aunt)

That following afternoon I met with a Cps worker, my Social worker at the time, and current councelor. I was looking at Child Neglect charges. However since going through all the court hearings I have not been charged with any form of Neglect or Abuse, my parental rights have NOT been terminated.  A family plan was set up with my goals and family goals. The goal was REUNIFICATION ; with home visits.

For awhile my son's dad and I were doing supervised visits. But only a couple months into them did it end badly. He had filed a police report against me again stating I physically abused him (which at that time I was on probation) so once again the cops took his side and statement and I was sent back to Jail in November which I ended up having to sit until December 26th, 2016. Which meant I missed my son's christmas. While he got wasted and didn't even spend christmas with his son.

My son Maverick has been placed with his aunt since Oct 5th, 2015 due to his father wants no part in raising his son (only sees him when it's convient) and is incapable of taking care of him alone. (Cps and the courts have already determined that) I have given half of my son's wardrobe to his aunt, his nice 3 in 1 carseat, toys, diapers etc., everything he needed at the time. During the month of November before thanksgiving my son was injured due to falling off of a kitchen table chair. He had to get 1 stitch incision in his lip. I get it accidents happen. But than January 22 at some point he was injured yet again due to not listening to his aunt when he was told to sit down on the chair. ( I was told he fell off the couch and hit his head on the coffee table.) Well with that being said my son had to get liquid stitches in the back of his head for a good cut that took a couple months to heal. Let it be known I and his father was with at the hospital when they glued him up. The drs on call were very concerned and had stated they were calling Cps. Everything has been documented and I do have my son's medical records too. My son has been injured with scratches, unexplainable bruises and some scratches. (No current issues with that)

My son was removed from overnights visitation with his birth father's - dad's at his new fiancé house, from what has been documented.

In the beginning of October my home visits started in my new apartment I had gotten for my son and myself. At first they started out being only 1 hour once a week. They gradually increased to twice a week in November for a couple hours than after a intense mental health evaluation in Eau Claire, Wi that took months to complete. My visits increased to every Mon and Fri. Mondays 9-4:30pm and Fridays 9-1pm. In which I alone have been currently doing by myself and currently new partner of almost a year and due with our daughter in less than 3 weeks. 

For a while I've been told by staff that I would get unsupervised visits starting back in July since his father refused to do supervised visits and the fact I was doing such a great job since breaking off the relationship. Well that hasn't been the case. My visits are still supervised twice a week. With the expection of holidays requested, my mother is able to take my son and be a supervisor of me with my son. For a while she was able to have him overnights but that has changed due to one injury accident at the park when my mom allowed the neighbor kid and a good family friend to watch maverick at the park so my mom could get a little break as she just had her 70th birthday this month of January. 

It is currently January of 2017 which means I have been doing supervised home visits since October 2015. A good year and half almost. I finally aquired a lawyer after Cps and the evaluation came back that Guardianship should occur.

My son has his own bedroom with a bed, dresser, clothes, diapers, wipes, books, and tons of toys. I keep a clean apartment consistently. There is plenty of food in the apartment. I show love to my son every chance I get to spend time with him. I know he misses his mom very much there are days he crys his eyes out because he does not want to leave after our visits are over. 

There have been days I have been so severely depressed with the fact being I'm living alone without my son around and his loving room I worked so hard on is empty without him in it. I continue to provide for him even though he is not living at home. Just waiting for that day I can be told he is "coming home."

February 2nd is what is supposed to be a Final Hearing on fighting this Guardianship. With enough signatures, my appointed Attorney and how much progress and hard work I have shown. I am hoping and praying each night that my baby boy can be returned back home, to a loving mother and step father to be with his new baby sister Serenity due February 21st 2017.

Please help!!






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