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Stop Frimley Park Hospital GU Clinic Closing

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I've  recently found out that my local GU clinic at Frimley Park Hospital is closing.

Surrey County Council awarded the Surrey Sexual Health contract to CNWL and not only is Frimley Park Hospital affected by this but also Leatherhead Hospital, St. Peters Hospital and Epsom too.

The Frimley GU clinic sees approximately 8,000 patients annually and is now telling each and every one of their patients that they will no longer be able to go there and worst of all it's happening in a few months!

The staff from the receptionists to the health workers are amazing ! They make you feel at ease, you build a rapport with your Dr and gain trust and it's a place you can always receive the best care and advice at all times and it's about to be lost.

The impact within the community will be very damaging not only to the patients currently receiving treatment but for anyone in the future as there will be nowhere local to visit for treatment. Where are ALL these patients suppose to go ???? Other resources will have more pressure placed upon them which will effect their working environment !

According to the new contract the options are possibly:

Redhill 50 miles round trip an approx 1hr 40 mins car journey.
Woking 20 miles round trip and 50 mins car journey or Guildford 30 miles round trip and approx 1hr 10 mins.

If you're lucky to even own a car or not too sick to drive.

HIV is consistently on the rise along with other STIs, unplanned pregnancies and genital skin conditions. All treated in this local GU Department.

Hasn't anyone considered the impact on the patients who could be extremely ill having to travel to Redhill for treatment or someone newly diagnosed will not reach out and will become ill and eventually will become a statistic within society!

What happens to the patients that get admitted with these conditions where do they go if there is no department or doctors on site?

What will happen is a rise in deaths (due to not be able to access this service and not able to travel ) , a rise in undiagnosed cases ( no local facilities ) and this will impact Surrey Heath in the long run.

I'm asking you to please sign the petition to prevent our GU Clinic from closing and to stop cutting valuable resources to treat sick, ill and dying patients . We don't deserve to have our funding cut and to be cast aside.



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